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What is SkaterTrainer 2.0?

What is SkaterTrainer 2.0?

We have been getting several questions about SkaterTrainer 2.0.  What is it, why is it better, what was 1.0, etc.  Here is a quick blog to clarify some of these issues.

Since it’s launch in 2013, SkaterTrainers have helped thousands of people learn to land skateboard tricks, and boost their confidence. So many people have reached out to use and told us that the have used SkaterTrainers to learn how to ollie, learn how to kickflip, and so many more new tricks.  Both new and old skaters.

Now there's the even better SkaterTrainer 2.0. We have talked to literally 1000’s of skateboarders about their experience with the original SkaterTrainers. We listened, and fixed every single complaint we have had about them.  

You may be asking “What’s so different about these?”

Right off the bat, 2.0s have an improved flexible design that now easily fits on wheels ranging from 48mm all the way to 65+mm. That means they will fit on your popsicle trick board, your Penny board, or even your longboard or old school board all with the comfort of knowing they will not slip off. They may look a little loose, but that’s the beauty of them. The rubber fits snugly along the wheel keeping it in place, but will bend when it counts. The wheel can still spin freely while in the air, but will self-adjust when it hits the ground, assuring you a stable platform to land on.


Since the 2.0s are more flexible, that means less material and a lighter construction. They are about half the weight of the original design, meaning easier management on the go.

Less material by no means a lesser quality product, in fact the 2.0 is more durable than the original! Go ahead and practice for hours on end (if you have the stamina for it) without worry of them slipping, cracking, or breaking.


And, SkaterTrainer 2.0’s look way cooler! Learn skateboard tricks faster with a set of SkaterTrainers!


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