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Can Skater Trainers help you heelflip?

Can Skater Trainers help you heelflip?

Braille army just dropped a new video featuring Skater Trainers. If you didn’t know Braille Army is a side channel for Braille Skateboarding on youtube that brings fans many extra entertaining videos from the Braille team that is more focused on pure skateboarding.

In this video, profession skater Carlos Lastra helped Edgar out with how to heelflip. Edgar had never landed his heelflip before and said he was having trouble because his board kept going behind him. Carlos fixed his problem very quick with SkaterTrainers.  By using SkaterTrainers, they were able to quickly identify the problem and develop the muscle memory to fix it, without having to content with the typical slips, falls, and other confidence destroying distractions.  After a few tips from Carlos, Edgar was landing his heelflips on SkaterTrainers within 5 minutes. After that, he quickly progressed to landing them without SkaterTrainers and even getting a few while rolling.  All in a 10 minute video!

When asked about the Skater Trainers edgar said “they really help”, Carlos his teacher asked him what way did they help”. “Im not really scared about slipping out anymore” said Edgar.

Please check out this video below. It a great example of why Skater Trainers work.


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