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Back to the Future? SkaterTrainer Review from an Older Fan

SkaterTrainers, unlike Trix, are not just for kids.   If you got that reference, then you will appreciate this article.

Here is a word for word email I just got from Casey!   

"I just ordered a set of SkaterTrainers last week, and they arrived yesterday. I am 34 years old, 6'2", 250lbs and haven't skated in 16 years. Within an hour of opening the package and putting the SkaterTrainers on, I was able to Ollie. I was also able to Ollie switch, which was pretty shocking. Thank you so much for inventing these! I only wish that they had them when I was first learning to skate in the '80s. I wanted you to know that I am extremely happy with my purchase, and plan to get some for my stepsons soon."

THANK YOU CASEY!   This stuff makes selling SkaterTrainers an awesome gig!

At the Skatepark, I am continually amazed at how many 30-45 year old dudes are getting back on their skateboards after extended breaks. I think it is truely great. My personal theory is that the Bones Brigade Documentary is so inspirational and compelling...it's hard to resist.   Combine that with the fact that there are actually Skateparks now and all the super cool re-issue retro skateboard gear, and it's pretty hard not to give it a try.   Buying a replica of the skateboard you wanted in 1987 feels great!   Welcome back!

It is much harder to get over your fears and commit to some of these tricks.   Not only am I slower, its much more difficult to push past natural fear responses.   Flinches and reflexes are hard coded in at this point, and your brain is much more efficient at calculating what can go wrong (unfortunately).   I needed something to help me develop some confidence and muscle memory so I could commit to LANDING tricks and push past my fears and relfexes.   SkaterTrainers are the result of this quest.    If you are interested, check them out and consider getting a set.    You are running out of time to get that Kickflip back and you are too smart to use anger, falling, and pain as a motivator.

Here is the board that got me back into skating.   The Vision Psycho Stick, a new set of Indy Trucks, Bones Swiss Bearings, and some OJ's.    It doesn't look that good now and has some re-issue Rat Bones on it!  

What Board did you want?   Leave comments below!

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