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SkaterTrainer Review and Testimonial from Skateboard Content Expert

SkaterTrainers have been getting great feedback from skaters and experts.  Our users swear by them and we recently received a great review from Steve Cave.   Steve runs the About.com/Skateboarding page and is an authority on learning how to skateboard and skateboard equiement.    Google “How to Ollie” or “How to Skateboard” or “Skateboard Tricks” and many many others, and Steve appears on the first page of results.    Anyway, here is what recognized authority Steve Cave had to Say about SkaterTrainers:
“I don't get why no one thought of them before now! They're brilliant, easy to use, and every new skater should get a pair!


“When learning tricks, especially as a new skater, it's miserable to try to learn things like how to ollie, when the board can (and probably will) shoot out from under you. Then you bust up your wrist, and have to spend two months healing before you can get back to it (I'm speaking from experience!).”
“These simple little tools will help any skater, especially new ones, to pull off basic beginner tricks and learn them more safely.”
“SkaterTrainers are a great invention, and I'd definitely recommend them for any new skater, or any skater who wants to practice tricks without their board rolling!”
Check out the full review here!  http://skateboard.about.com/od/practicegear/fr/Skatertrainers-Review.htm

Really nice things to say about SkaterTrainers.   We are pumped that he thinks highly of them and would recommend them to any skater, and that they are the superior training aid.
We truly appreciate your support.   Feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts you may have.  

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Aug 07, 2014 • Posted by Dakota Baldwin

My skatertrainers came in the mail today, i have been trying to land my kickflips for over a month now. my VERY FIRST TRY with skater trainers i busted it out. i landed 3 in a row and doing alot better having confidence that my board is not flying out from underneath me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A PAIR OF SKATERTRAINERS.

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