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Common Learn to Ollie Problems, Timing of the Slide

Based on a Facebook survey of our community, the two biggest problems our group is having with their Ollie is the timing of the slide and landing the ollie.  Today's post on how to learn to ollie is about timing. A future post will address the landing.

A set of SkaterTrainers are guaranteed to help you work on your tricks, and learn the steps just like what is described here. SkaterTrainers help you work out timing issues without falling. SkaterTrainers help you work out commitment issues, helping get over your fear of landing with both feet on the board.

Here are the most important points on the timing of the slide when you're learning how to ollie. See the pictures from a video we shot with Dylan showing off some SkaterTrainers...

1.  The slide starts almost immediately after you lift the front wheels.
2.  The jump is after the pop.  Don't get it before the pop, or you will get no pop

3.  You continue your slide after the jump.  It's like you are pulling the board up with the side your foot.   Keep sliding with your foot until you reach the peak of your jump.

4.   Bring that back foot up to the same height as your front foot to level out.   Bend the Knee.  See pictures
5.   VIDEO your self so you can see what is going on. It's hard to tell until after you know how to do it

6.   Try a set of SkaterTrainers.   They are good for a lot of tricks, are inexpensive, and are just a fun thing to have.


We know that the New SkaterTrainers will help you with nearly any trick.   The most important first trick is the ollie.  SkaterTrainers will help you learn and get a cleaner, straighter, and higher Ollie.   SkaterTrainers help you commit to tricks by developing confidence and muscle memory while the wheels are not rolling. A lot of Noobs simply do not pop their ollie hard enough and quickly shift their weight forward because it feels unstable and their brain thinks they are going to fall.    SkaterTrainers can help you learn to pop and they will definitely help you land your tricks.  Outsmart your brain with a set of SkaterTrainers 2.0!


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