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Beginner Skateboarder Jon (9 yo) Tries SkaterTrainers to Learn Tricks

Jon is a young beginner skateboarder at 9 years old.   Jon wanted to try out the SkaterTrainers like the other young skateboarders, so we got some footage.   He was working on his manual and several boneless attempts.   I know for a fact that he would have fallen in a few of these attempts, and even did a few times.   But, the skateboard never rolled out or slipped out from under him, so he was in control the entire time.   He plans to continue to learn to Ollie, and then wants to work on kickflips and shove its like the big kids.   Luck for him, he has a set of SkaterTrainers to make sure he can learn to Ollie fast.

You can see the SkaterTrainers on the skateboard wheels, and how they are keeping the skateboard from rolling.   This helps skateboarders learn new tricks by stabilizing the skateboard and letting them focus on learning the skateboard trick steps.

You can get your own set just like this at SkaterTrainer.com


SkaterTrainers are fun and effecitve way to practice and learn skateboard tricks.   They are also great for practicing inside on a rainy day or just fooling around in general.   Thanks for checking us out!


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