How SkaterTrainers Help to Learn Skateboard Tricks - Parents Edition July 11 2013, 1 Comment

Its pretty easy to get the basic concept of SkaterTrainers.  When the wheels don't roll, almost anyone can stand on a skateboard.     But the real value is when it comes to landing the tricks.   You can watch youtube videos of this all day long, and the common theme is everybody falls when they are trying to land.

Why do Skateboarders want SkaterTrainers?  Here are what Skateboarders have told us why they like their SkaterTrainers.
Most of the content on our blog is aimed at the skateboarder.   This one is also helpful to parents to highlight how SkaterTrainer works and why it is good for your young skateboarder.

Here is the 10 second Summary with More Details Below:

  • SkaterTrainers real value is in learning tricks.   
  • Most of the danger in skateboarding is trying to land.  
  • Landing is much easier and forgiving when the wheels are not rolling
  • Reduces falling and builds confidence
  • Best to learn tricks on the hard surface
  • Best to practice on your ACTUAL Skateboard
  • Also great for practicing inside!
  • Portable and universal solution.

Here is an introduction to the Ollie to show how SkaterTrainers Help


Many people who don't skateboard look at SkaterTrainers and think they are great for learning to stand on a skateboard.   Getting used to standing on a skateboard while it is not moving is great, but not very interesting for very long.   And lets face it, there are several ways to accomplish this.    

SkaterTrainers value is LANDING tricks.   Jumping is the basis of most good tricks and where the danger occurs...particularly when you land, or try to land.   The skater gets their balance off and the skateboard shoots out from under them.   The skateboarder usually lands on his head or his shoulder...and occasionally gets hurt.   Skatertrainers help cut down on this dramatically.   Its still possible to fall, but much less likely.    Because the skateboarder knows this, it is easier to adapt to landing on the board without fear and commit to learning how to ollie, how to kickflip, etc.   

It is also very beneficial to learn tricks on a hard riding surface.    The pop and the feel of landing on a hard surface is something that needs to be known.   When learning how to Ollie, you really need the hard riding surface to get the pop and the mechanics correct.   Since nearly all tricks involve popping or landing your board, this is important.

SkaterTrainers are useful for practice indoors or in smaller spaces.   Your kids may be doing this anyway, so they might as well keep the board from flying across their room and going through the wall or denting your car.   

Because SkaterTrainers only effect wheels, you can use them to practice tricks on ledges, like truck stalls, nose stalls, tail stalls, ollieing onto curbs, ollieing off of curbs....

Another great feature is they are simple, small, universal, and portable.   They fit over nearly any skateboard wheel (50-60 mm).   You can put them in your pocket and take them with you while you are riding your skateboard.   And they are so easy to install, your kid won't need your help.

Hopefully this helps.   We think it is great that you are supporting your young skateboarder.   And no matter how much they complain, always make them wear a helmet!     There is no point in taking any risks there!


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