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Bored with Your Skateboarding? Ideas to Fight Beginner Frustration

Several beginners get a little bored with skateboarding for one reason or another.   It is usually due to "lack of progress".   They get stuck trying to nail their ollie, and don't work on anything else.   They also get tired of falling.   SkaterTrainer can help with both of these frustrations. We guarantee that if you get a set of SkaterTrainers and you will progress in skateboarding much faster!  ORDER YOUR SKATERTRAINERS

Another reasons they quit is because they don't know enough about beginner skateboard options and moves.   Many newbs watch lots of videos and see advanced skateboarders nail all kinds of gnarley tricks and get frustrated because you don't know how to get there.    

You need to change it up.  Its really helpful to know your options relative to your current skills.  The list below are ideas to help you progress when you are stuck. When you learn any of these, it will help you get over your boredom and progress in skateboarding...I guarantee it.

Skateboarding Tips & Ideas for Beginners...(Flagged * tricks are great for SkaterTrainer)
  • Ride around town.   Everywhere you can.
  • Ride down hills.   Ride faster and faster until it scares you.  
  • Pick a line to ride.   Ride down a hill and set up your own virtual slalom / obstacle course.
  • Manuals *  (Wheelie with front trucks in the Air)..........
  • Nose Manuals*(Wheelie with the back trucks in the Air)
  • Frontside Kick Turn*. 
  • Backside Kick Turn*
  • Tic-Tac*.  Try hard so you can actually go up a hill without pushing
  • Ride off of curb/ sidewalks.   Start with a 6 inch drop or less.   Just pick up hour front wheels and fall off
  • Ride Switch (backwards)
  • Ollie*   You must learn this.
  • Caveman*
  • Powerslides
  • Boneless*
  • Shove-its*
  • Carving / pumping
  • Ride over steep transition or small obstacles in a skatepark
  • Drop in on a small ramp or bank
  • Watch beginner videos on youtube for more ideas on beginner skateboard

After you get through some of this list of skateboarding tips for beginners, try anything, but realize it is a progression. Skateboarding beginners shouldn't be afraid to try: Kickflips, heel flips, pressure flips, frontside shove its, backside shove its, 180 ollie, laser flips, 360 flips, big spins....the list goes on and on.

Any questions or comments, just post below!

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Mar 04, 2019 • Posted by Taylor Bishop

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