Even More Easy Skateboard Tricks for Beginners September 03 2017, 0 Comments

Vilas brings us more easy skateboard tricks. He has been making these videos for people who haven't learned or are trying to learn their basic tricks. This is helpful because getting new tricks can be frustrating and can burn you out. If you are having trouble getting the trick you’r working on right now these are great tricks to learn in between and build skill. These tricks can help you progress and gain confidence and experience.

Vilas has a youtube channel for skateboarding where he does a lot of popular videos on how to skateboard and other skateboard related videos. His channel is near 100K subscribers and is a fast growing channel. This is his third easy tricks video.

Some of the tricks he talks about are

Caveman 5050 is a great way to gain confidence and learn how to grind (which can be very intimidating for new skaters).

The rail stand flip will teach you a basic freestyle skating move and will get you used to landing primo.

VLSkate’s “poor mans disaster revert” will help you get comfortable on your board and can help you on ramps at the skate park

Frontside shuv its and ollies are both must have basics for skateboarding.

The noseblunt yank-in is one of the easiest and coolest looking ways to drop in.