Girl Learns to Ollie in 9 Minutes with SkaterTrainers August 31 2017, 0 Comments

How is it possible that someone learns to ollie in only 9 minutes? That’s what we said to but then Sara answered our question “the Skater Trainers do help”.  

Sara is a YouTube personality with over 200K subscribers, an electric skateboard enthusiast, and very new to learning skateboard tricks. Sara is also professional skateboarder John Hill's girlfriend and she was learning her first trick in here youtube video which you can check out here. 

She has the raw footage of her learning to ollie(took only 9 minutes to learn). If you want to check out another perspective you can watch john hills video here where he teaches his girlfriend to ollie. 

If you wanted to know a little bit more about John Hill he is a professional skateboarder sponsored by revive with over 500K subscribers on youtube who does daily vlogs of his life. You can check out their channels below.

Sara's channel:

John's channel