SkaterTrainers for Nollies and Switch August 29 2016, 0 Comments

Clark has been having some fun on his SkaterTrainers and we have been featured a few times in his interesting vlog, "Sunday to Sunday"

In this article, we showed you Clark discovering skatertrainers and learning front shoves and 360 flips.  

In another episode of Clark’s “Sunday to Sunday” he successfully used skatertrainer to take is treflip to the streets.  Check out that one HERE

In his latest feature, Clark is using SkaterTrainers to learn some switch tricks, particularly working on a nollie flip.

How did it go?  Watch the whole thing, he even teaches his school teacher wife to ollie with the help of SkaterTrainers.

Great videos Clark, looking forward to seeing more soon.  Be sure to subscribe to Clarks channel to keep up on his adventures.