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SkaterTrainer 2.0 Indiegogo Wrap Up

SkaterTrainer 2.0 Indiegogo Wrap Up

A huge thanks for everyone that has helped make SkaterTrainer 2.0 a reality. Within 6 hours of starting the campaign we had already surpassed our goal! We have now raised over $63,000, which is well over the original goal of $15000. With over 1800 backers from all around the world it is awesome to know how much you guys love SkaterTrainers.

It has been the fastest funded Skateboard projection on Indiegogo or Kickstarter to date. Definitely one of the most successful crowdfunded skateboard project on major crowdfunding platform to date in terms of number of backers and support we have received.

Thanks to you guys and gals we have an even better product to help skaters old and new master some awesome tricks.

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If you don’t know about Indiegogo, it is a crowdfunding platform, like Kickstarter. Its not only a great way to fund new product development by pre-selling things before they are available, it also is a great way for people to discover new products and ideas.

Crowdfunding is not a new idea. It started out similarly to a subscription service. Authors would publish books if they could get enough people sending in interest in the new product. Crowdfunding is like a preemptive subscription to a product. The money sent in gives the creator enough funds to create and release the product. With the internet, crowdfunding has become easier than ever. People can back projects, and be able to see in real time the progress they have helped build. Crowd funding also helps create products that people want. By backing a project, you are saying “Yes this is cool and I want to help make it a reality.” Indiegogo is a popular crowdfunding website, as well as Kickstarter.

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