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SkaterTrainer May Contest Winners Part 1

Great Winners So Far, who is going to be next.   Can you do better than these guys for the grand prize?

Remember the rules.   You have to tell your SkaterTrainer Story and have pictures with SkaterTrainers in them.   

If you do a good Photo, it Might make it to our Main Product Page HERE.


Winner 1 - @nolankibit1 on Twitter - Free Sticker Pack.

Great pictures and shout out to SkaterTrainers.   Already has the shirts and the SkaterTrainers





Winner 2 @Garret_908 (Insta) Aka Garret Gunnoud, Free Shirt  

Posted on Insta and on our Facebook Wall.   


Winner 3 -@will.kerruis (Insta), Free Sticker Pack

 Lots of good posts on Instagram.   Posting lots of comments everywhere!



Stay Posted for More Winners.........


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