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First Time User SkaterTrainer Response and Comments from Christian

Here is Christian, a new skateboarder that is 13 years old.   Christian has been skating for less than a year, and already has a good Ollie that is getting better every day.   Christian was excited to get his own set of SkaterTrainers and agreed they would be a big help to him learning to ollie higher and straighter, as well as learning shove-its, kickflips, heelfips, and to improve his manuals.   This really is perfect timing for Christian to practice his skateboarding tricks with his set of SkaterTrainers.   

You can see the SkaterTrainers on the skateboard wheels, and how they are keeping the skateboard from rolling.   This helps skateboarders learn new tricks by stabilizing the skateboard and letting them focus on learning the skateboard trick steps.   Christian could immediately see the benefit and how the SkaterTrainers could help cut down on the falling.

You can get your own set just like this at SkaterTrainer.com


SkaterTrainers are fun and effective way to practice and learn skateboard tricks.   They are also great for practicing inside on a rainy day or just fooling around in general.   Thanks for checking us out!


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