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Use SkaterTrainer's to Ollie Curbs and Set up Grinds

This is Dylan again working on Ollie up curbs and Ollie-ing up ledges.   This can be helpful in learning how to grind and learning axel stalls.   The SkaterTrainers are useful, especially when you drop down off the ledge.   Dylan even does some 180's with the SkaterTrainers installed.   These types of moves are also fun if you have a pallet or a fun box in your garage on rainy days.

Notice how SkaterTrainers allow full contact with the bottom of the board (boardslides and stalls) and allow the skateboarder to get used to feeling the actual trucks contacting and grinding on the ledge.    SkaterTrainers also give you the same feel as your wheels hitting the concrete when you land a trick.    

Click below to see the footage on the blog post.   Be sure to give Dylan a thumbs up if you like it!


SkaterTrainers are fun and effecitve way to practice and learn skateboard tricks.   They are also great for practicing inside on a rainy day or just fooling around in general.   Thanks for checking us out!


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