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Skateboarding is Hard. Hilarious Statistics from theonion.com

In a recent story on theonion.com, it has been shown how difficult it is to learn new skateboard tricks.    We think it illustrates a clear demand for SkaterTrainer!   

Some quotes from the article:   

"researchers at the University of California reported this week that not one of the nation’s 19 million amateur skateboarders has successfully landed a single trick since 2001."

"The report confirmed that not a single ollie, nollie, kickturn, heelflip, frontside 180, backside 180, or fakie has been landed in over a decade. In addition, 100 percent of handrail grinds resulted in subjects landing on their shoulders while nearby acquaintances laughed at them."


According to the study’s findings, 28 percent of all amateur skateboarding stunts attempted between 2001 and 2013 resulted in the subject falling to the pavement"

"not a single amateur has landed anything since July of 2001, when a then 14-year-old boy by the name of Derek Wilcox carried out a basic ollie on an outdoor tennis court in Pasadena. And even then he didn’t get much height......“Of course, our figures show that Wilcox subsequently missed his next 160,000 attempts, including 208 just last Wednesday alone,” 

The title of the article is brilliant.  "Nation's Amateur Skateboarders Haven't Landed Trick In 12 Years".   Hilarious.   You should read the entire article here.   It must have been written by a Skateboarder.

Of course it is satire and an exaggeration, but there are definitely elements of truth.  That's what makes it brilliant.   

We thought its a perfect endorsement for SkaterTrainers.   We can do better...and help you actually land tricks and cut down on the falling and being laughed at!.    Learn more about SkaterTrainers here.

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