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SkaterTrainer for Experienced Skateboarders - Commit to Tricks!

I have heard several experienced skateboarders complain about not landing harder tricks.  They have plenty of skill and experience but are still having problems with some skateboarding moves. Maybe it's a new trick or maybe it is a trick they used to be able to do.   There are many reasons for this... a bad fall, other injuries, less time spent skateboarding due to other priorities, or just getting old!   I know for a fact that the older you get, the more your brain tries to stop you from doing new things, especially where you might fall.   

Whatever the reason, the underlying cause is almost always fear. SkaterTrainer can help you learn how to commit to skateboarding tricks because you know it will not slip out from under you.

Take a look at why you are not landing your trick.   If you have some skateboard experience, it is likely because you are not committing to landing your trick.   If you don't think its a commitment issue, shoot a video of yourself.  Why are you not landing?  Does it look like you probably could if you would just commit with both feet?   Your brain is not your friend and is subconsciously stopping you from putting that second foot on the skateboard!

When I first start new tricks, I almost always don't land it because of the fear response and not committing to the trick.   When I put on SkaterTrainers, it is easier to commit to the trick.   I can put both feet on the skateboard when landing and develop some confidence.   Then, I repeat the trick many times to burn in the feel of landing the trick without the board rolling.   I also am careful to pay attention to make sure my feet land on the skateboard to make sure I am not developing bad habits.   Once you are used to landing on the bolts with SkaterTrainers installed, immediately try your new trick without SkaterTrainers installed.     Repeat until you get it!

So, get your kickflip back.   Work on nollies and switch stance moves.   Land a TreFlip, heelflip, big spin, 360 flip, and on and on!

You can order a single set of Skater Trainers 2.0 - Click Here!   Even experienced skaters can use SkaterTrainers to learn faster.


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