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Will Learns to Kickflip in 5 Minutes with SkaterTrainers

Will tried a pair of SkaterTrainers and was landing kickflips in minutes (after trying for months without).  Will is 19 years old and a recreational skater with a solid Ollie and very comfortable on his skateboard.   He has been skating for several years and like many of us, has really struggled getting past the kickfiip. 


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I met Will at a local skatepark.   After watching him attempt rolling kickflips for an hour without ever landing one, Will told me he had been trying for 6 months and has never landed one while rolling.   He said he has landed a few while holding onto a rail or in the grass but never once while rolling.

I could tell by watching him that he had classic commitment issues (aka Chicken Foot).  He was getting a great flip and definitely jumping high enough; he just could not commit to getting that back foot on the board.    He had probably fell a few times and was just not able to commit.   When you watch the video below, you can see his shoulders twist as soon as he jumps.    He may not know it, but his brain had already decided that he was not going to land it before the skateboard even started to flip.    I got some video of a few attempts.....Check out this video edit, and you will see what I mean.

I convinced Will to try some SkaterTrainers and that learning how to kickflip rolling is not the fastest way to go.  He landed his first kickflip within 5 minutes.    After working with his SkaterTrainers for half an hour, he did 9 in a row...quite impressive for someone who could not commit to landing before.    His brain knew the board was not going to slip out and that he likely would not fall.   SkaterTrainers allowed Will to commit to landing his Kickflips.  


I know what you are thinking.....But can he do them rolling.    After working with the SkaterTrainers for an hour or so, I encouraged him to take them off and give the rolling kickflip a try.   After a few attempts, he landed several of them.    So, in a couple of hours, Will was able to accomplish what he could not do for months. Check out the video of Will learning how to kickflip.


Congratulations Will!  

He is working on his frontside shoves next!

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