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Skateboard Stand, Storage, and Display

Skateboard Stand, Storage, and Display

Skateboard Stand, Storage, and Display


Need a place to store your skateboard?

Want to display the skateboard you are using now?

Tired of it being on the floor or scuffing up your walls?

Tired of tripping over it?

We love this skateboard floor stand. It is simple, small, portable, and has a place to store other gear as well.  

  • Freestanding skateboard display rack! No mounting or installation required.
  • Keeps walls clean and homes organized
  • Portable; move it from room to garage and back
  • Lightweight plastic construction
  • Available in multiple colors, pick your option above.


This freestanding, portable skateboard floor display rack will help you keep your house organized, your walls free from scuffs, and your skateboards ready to ride! 

The best skateboard floor display rack is a solution to your skateboard storage problems and an alternative to traditional, wall-mounted racks. Rather than mounting to the wall, this skateboard floor stand sits on the ground with non-slip feet for stability. A skateboard slides into the stand, stored vertically or horizontally, your choice. Skateboard contact is with the stand only - boards won't touch your walls or the floor, so you'll avoid those ugly looking scuff marks you otherwise get leaning your skateboards against the wall or on the floor. And, your skateboard slips in and out easily so it's always ready to ride!

Because no mounting or installation is required, this skateboard floor stand is fully portable, and you can move it from your garage to your mudroom to your bedroom whenever you need to.  Made of durable, molded plastic, it's more than strong enough to support your skateboards, but it's lightweight so you can move it freely around your home. Also, the back is open for storage to hold all your skateboard accessories or anything else you want to store.

What types of skateboards fit? This skateboard floor display rack is designed for "traditional" street and vert skateboards, those with angled edges of their decks.  However, this skateboard floor display rack will hold some other types of skateboards horizontally, off the ground. This deck width is limited to 1/2" thick for the horizontal storage. So skateboards like longboards or Penny skateboards might fit in this rack horizontally, depending on their deck width.


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