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Super FUN Handboard Toy for When You Can't Skate but Want To!

Super FUN Handboard Toy for When You Can't Skate but Want To!

Super FUN Handboard Toy for When You Can't Skate but Want To!


Don't miss a day skating even on rainy days. Hangnail handboards are an 11 inch mini skateboard, the perfect compromise between a finger board and a real skateboard. 

Unlike smaller fingerboards, handboard skateboard tricks use the same mechanics as real skateboard tricks; pop, flick, and scoop. This two handed handboard skateboard allows you to place your hands on the board in the same position you would place your feet on a real board. 

Skateboarding tricks are complicated. Landing a trick takes using both legs to each do their own part and all with perfect timing. For example ollies take jumping with the back foot to pop the board of the concrete and sliding with the front foot to level the board out. Being able to practice putting together the right steps for a trick is what makes Hangnail handboard skateboards the perfect way to practice even if you can't go outside. Hangnail handboards are all light weight and tough and can be taken with you anywhere. They also come fully assembled with grip tape already installed.

 NOTE:  This is a TOY skateboard for hands and is not meant to be ridden. Watch the video below if you are confused.


-Hangnail Handboard 11-inch mini skateboard for hands (blue camo)

-Mini handboard tools


Check out this handboard demo below

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