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Share Your SkaterTrainer Story!


Take a video or picture of yourself using SkaterTrainer and post to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. We'll pick winners every day to win cool SkaterTrainer swag. On June 1st we'll pick the top 5 videos to be featured on our site and those winners will receive a SkaterTrainer prize pack.



 How to Enter 


1. Facebook: Upload on Facebook or Youtube and post to our page

2. Instagram: Use #skatertrainer AND tag @skatertrainer

3. Youtube: Upload and post to our Facebook page

4. Twitter: Use #skatertrainer and #learntricksfast



What to Enter


-Testimonials & Reviews, we love hearing what you think
-Pictures of you with SkaterTrainers
-Talk about how you learned using SkaterTrainers
-Demonstration, show how to learn using SkaterTrainers
-Videos of your favorite new trick you've learned
-Your cat using skater trainers
-Your parent, sister, cousin, neighbor using SkaterTrainer
-Get creative



How to Win


-Make it exciting, entertaining, fun, wow us!

-Tell us what you think about SkaterTrainers

-Post as much as possible, post everywhere for a better chance

-Include as many people in your photo/video/tagging as possible 



No clue what to do? Here are some great posts:













More Details:


Who can enter?

Anyone who owns a set of Skater Trainers can submit photos or videos. We want to hear from guys, girls, young and old.


Can parents submit content?

Yes, we would love to hear from parents who use SkaterTrainers or whose kids do!

How long should the videos be?

As long or as short as you’d like. Videos should be long enough to show why you love SkaterTrainers. Tell us why you love them, how they’ve helped you learn new trm parents whose kids have used SkaterTrainers


How many videos/pictures can you submit?

As many as you want, more videos/pictures = more chances to win


Can videos/photos be submitted any way other than by uploading to the contest?

You can submit via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter. You can submit to all four if you want.

 Show us your moves!


Are there prizes? What are the prizes?

Yes! We will be giving away stickers, t-shirts, and SkaterTrainers to daily winners. At the end of May the best overall winners will receive a skater trainer prize pack and be featured on our website. This is also a great chance to showcase your skills to be considered for sponsorship by SkaterTrainer