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We just sent an email to your parents.   Here are some tips you can implement yourself!


How to Convince them?

  • Use your own money.   Give them $20 and ask to use their credit card
  • Don't wait on them, Mail us $20 of your money.  Complete the Checkout and Select CASH
  • Do chores that you do not normally do
    • Clean the bathrooms
    • Clean the house.  
    • When that is done, then clean your room
  • Explain to them WHY you want to learn skateboard tricks and get better
  • Explain WHY SkaterTrainers
  • They are a LEARNING AID.   


Why SkaterTrainers?

  • Emphasize the SAFETY aspect of our product.  Less falling
  • Explain exactly how they work.   Wheels don't roll, you don't slip out
  • You Learn Faster.   Tear up less shoes and skateboard
  • Self confidence & Sense of Accomplishment.   Tell them how good it feels to land a Skateboard trick!

Why Now?

  • Sooner means less chance of injury
  • On sale now with Free shipping, won't last forever
  • Skateboarding is really important to me and I want to get better


Why Haven't we Heard of Them?

  •  SkaterTrainers are brand new patent pending invention