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SkaterTrainers are becoming very popular.  We are having a hard time keeping them in stock for all of the Skateboarders that want SkaterTrainers.   If you really want to find out what people think, check our Instagram Feed (@skatertrainer), Facebook Page, and YouTube Comments (600k views and counting). You will find hundreds of very excited customers and reviews on our skateboard wheel stoppers. Also, here is some of the feedback we have been getting from our customers via email and other channels:


"I have been trying rolling kickflps for 6 months without landing them.   I got SkaterTrainers and was landing my kickflips in minutes"  - Willy B

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Several Facebook posts from actual SkaterTrainer users and parents HERE.


"“These simple little tools will help any skater, especially new ones, to pull off basic beginner tricks and learn them more safely.” - Steve Case, Resident Skateboard Blogger and Expert at About.com

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"Similar to putting it in the grass, but you still have the pop that you would on concrete" - Chris C


"Hello, my name is Landon.   I want to thank you so much for making skatertrainers. Today i tried them out and landed my first kick-flip! It took me around 30 minutes and was incredible! Your design helped me a lot and i just wanted to thank you. Also, they got to my house super quick and clean. .....they are sweet! Thanks Again!" -  Email from Landon.   Here is his video


"I am 34 years old, 6'2", 250lbs and haven't skated in 16 years. Within an hour of opening the package and putting the SkaterTrainers on, I was able to Ollie. I was also able to Ollie switch, which was pretty shocking...."     - Casey F

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Jeremey E is nearly 40 years old and wants his Ollie back!   He also is using them to help his 3 kids learn to SkateBoard.   "Dude, I love SkaterTrainers".   check out his review here


"Just got mine in today and I think they are great as they help you commit to more tricks...... I landed a couple 360 shuvits which i was unable to land before" - John.  Post on our Facebook Page Here


 "The SkaterTrainers are working out great for me! I did learn to hold my manuals longer, kickflip, heelflip, and almost 360 shuvit. I gave my friend the SkaterTrainers and it automatically helped him! Overall it's a outstanding product! " - Niko W


"... dude I'm not even that "pro" at skateboarding..... but I have tried hospital flips before. I would do them like 30 times before I ever landed one. Tonight I used the skater trainers and I landed maybe 10 or more out of only 15 or 20 tries!!! 
They rock man!!" - Austin C


"At first i was a little skeptical about these but when i tried them they were awesome i have been working on heelflips/kickflips forever .....not only did they help with my heelflips but my ollies are way higher and my pop shuv its are to i am confident now with my ollies to try a taller rail. Thanks!"   M Wattles, Comment on our YouTube Channel 


"SkaterTrainers will keep you from slipping out and busting your butt" - Montray B


"SkaterTrainers helped me fix several problems with my ollie.   It was weak, crooked, and I could not always get both feet on.   Now I can launch and land my ollies at full speed" - Johnny H


"I started skateboarding again at 38 years old.   I could not have gotten my flat ground tricks without out it.  Ollie's, shove-its, and kickflips are much more scary.   A broken wrist is not an option for me at this age"  -  Roger H


“SkaterTrainers are a great invention, and I'd definitely recommend them for any new skater, or any skater who wants to practice tricks without their board rolling!............“I don't get why no one thought of them before now! They're brilliant, easy to use, and every new skater should get a pair!" - Steve Cave, About.com.      See more here.


"I consider myself a longboarder, but always wanted to learn how to ollie.   I got my first skateboard and a set of SkaterTrainers, and was landing ollies in a few hours" - Landon M


Stay tuned for more user reviews and videos.....Or, send us yours.   Just email me at Roger@SkaterTrainer.com with your videos and reviews