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Want to teach your kids how to land skateboard tricks without breaking something?

SkaterTrainers are the easiest way to learn how to land tricks. they're ALSO the easiest way to teach your kids the basics for those dads who've been off a skateboard for a while.

You USED to be pretty good at skateboarding but...

If you're just getting back on your skateboard after a 10-20 year hiatus, the first thing you notice is that the board seems a LOT further down, and falling seems a lot more imminent.

And you can't shake off an injury like you used to.

But you still want to show your kid how to get the ollie, or how to master the pop shoveit. After all, you spent HOURS as a kid learning how to do it.


That's what makes SkaterTrainers perfect for teaching kids how to land skateboard tricks.

When you put SkaterTrainers on your skateboard wheels, it stops the board from rolling.

This gives you time to work on landing those tricks so your kid can see it in action while they learn.


Imagine the cool points you'll score when your kid sees you nail a 3 foot ollie on your first try.

Multiply those cool points by 1,000 when your KID lands the ollie for the first time after your demonstration.

And you won't have to eat any concrete in the process. ;-)


SkaterTrainers are 100% guaranteed to make landing basic flat ground Skateboard tricks easier (and less painful for older dudes).



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