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Learn Skateboard Tricks Fast and Easy ...
Without Hurting Yourself!

"Skater Trainers build your confidence as you learn tricks, making it faster
and easier to land ollies, kickflips, shuvits, switch tricks and more ..."

Landing any skateboard trick the first time is the hardest. You don't know how to land, and if you do it wrong... BAM! You're eating concrete.

So, to keep from hurting ourselves, we don't commit to the trick... and never land it.


Don't take our word for it, though... here's what other people are saying about Skater Trainers skateboard practice wheels:

"I don't get why no one thought of them before now! SkaterTrainers are a great invention, and I'd definitely recommend them for any new skater, or any skater who wants to practice tricks without their board rolling!"

Review and testimonial from Steve Cave - About.com Skateboarding Editor and Learning to Skateboard Expert!

So, How Do Skater Trainers Work?

Installing your Skater Trainer skateboard practice wheels is Simple, Fast, and Easy.  You just stretch the rubber trainers over each of your wheels, put the board on the ground, and start landing tricks!

No Kidding!

The rubber keeps your board from moving so you can practice on concrete, asphalt, wood, or any other hard surface that will give you the POP you need to learn your tricks.

Skater Trainers are Built to Last

Skater Trainers skateboard practice wheels are made of durable rubber material that can stand up to even the most extreme beatings. SkaterTrainers are for Skateboards with standard sized skateboard wheels, from 49 mm to 60 mm diameter.

Our Riders LOVE Their Skater Trainers, and So Will You ... 100% GUARANTEED

"I have been trying rolling kickflps for 6 months without landing them. I got SkaterTrainers and was landing my kickflips in minutes" - Willy B

"Similar to putting it in the grass, but you still have the pop that you would on concrete" - Chris C

"The SkaterTrainers are working out great for me! I did learn to hold my manuals longer, kickflip, heelflip, and almost 360 shuvit. I gave my friend the SkaterTrainers and it automatically helped him! Overall it's a outstanding product! " - Niko W


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Start Learning More Tricks, Now!

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P.P.S. Don't forget that SkaterTrainers comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't absolutely LOVE yours, you can send them back, and we'll refund your money. No Questions asked.