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Tricks make skateboarding awesome. Sadly, skateboard tricks are very hard for beginners. To many of us get frustrated and quite because we don't know what to do.

SkaterTrainers make learning skateboard tricks so much EASIER and FASTER

The following video is a 1 minute summary of HOW and WHY skatertrainers work!

Simply pull your SkaterTrainers over the wheel and get started practicing!


The Movement is the Same

SkaterTraiers let you practice the exact same motion as without. It is much easier to practice using SkaterTrainers because the board is held in place, and you do not have to worry about falling or slipping out. Simply stretch them over the wheels of ANY skateboard, find a great YouTube video, and start learning tricks.


Ollie Motion - With and Without SkaterTrainers

Kickflip Motion - With and Without SkaterTrainers

Take em Off and Get it for REAL

Once you have the motions of the trick down, simply PULL YOUR SKATERTRAINERS off and get the trick for real.


7 Year Old's SkaterTrainer Story

Check out how 7 year old Camden learned the basics with SkaterTrainers!  He shreds now,and SkaterTrainers helped him get there. 




Clark's Review of SkaterTrainers

Check out Clark's story of how SkaterTrainers helped him learn a trick he had been struggling with for years. 


Pro Skater John Hill "100% Recommends SkaterTrainers"

John Hill is a professional skateboarder and YouTube personality with 500,000 subscribers. He says "Skateboarding is 80% mental, and the mental barrier is essential to overcome..I 100% recommend skatertrainers for beginners"  "Better than a crack, better than practicing in the grass"


Pro Freestyle Skater Mike Osterman Loves SkaterTrainers

Skater Trainers really help you to develop the mechanics for tricks" and that "they allow you to push through that hesitation and gain confidence quicker"

Who are SkaterTrainers For?

We have sold tens of thousands of SkaterTrainers.  They are great for anyone who wants to learn skateboard tricks! We've had great responses from a HUGE variety of people. Some of them include:

  • Brand new skaters
  • Younger skaters who want to master tricks faster
  • People who want to practice indoors
  • Older guys who want to re-learn their old moves
  • Girls and boys of all ages

Check out 100's of Real User Reviews? 

We have sold 10000's of these all around the world, with a 4.5 star rating from our customers. You can read more reviews and see more testimonials here!