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“I recommend SkaterTrainers for beginners. They will help you learn to skate fast”

- Aaron Kyro, YouTube's #1 Skateboard Instructor








Installing and removing SkaterTrainers is simple

SkaterTrainer Installation     SkaterTrainer Removal



The movement is the same

SkaterTrainers make it easier to figure out the trick and get your balance.
Check out the side by side comparison of the motions of an Ollie or Kickflip.

SkaterTrainer Ollie Demonstration


SkaterTrainer Kickflip Demonstration




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Common Questions

Do SkaterTrainers Really Work?
If we did not believe, we would not sell them. But don't take our word for it, check out testimonials of skaters who are learning new tricks fast with SkaterTrainers. You can also check our Facebook or Instagram @skatertrainer and find tons of Skaters thrilled with our product.

Why do I need SkaterTrainers?
SkaterTrainers help you learn faster. They do this by improving your balance, developing muscle memory through repetition, and improving confidence.

Where can I get SkaterTrainers?
SkaterTrainer is our patented device and is available to ship worldwide on our website. To get some great deals, as well as combo packages, this site (www.skatertrainer.com) is the best place to get them. If you want to buy them in a store, SkaterTrainers are available at all Zumiez locations in the US and Canada.

What if I don't like my SkaterTrainers?
We think you will love them! But if they don't work for you, send them back to us and we will refund your money.

Are SkaterTrainers for beginners or advanced skateboarders?
SkaterTrainer were designed for anyone learning new tricks. They work great for beginners and advanced skaters can use them to learn new tricks.

Will SkaterTrainers work with my skateboard and wheels?
SkateTrainers are made to work with most modern skateboards and wheels. Nearly all skateboards have wheels between 49 to 65 mm diameter (1.9 - 2.6 inches). SkaterTrainers are designed to stretch around any of these wheel sizes and more.

Where can I use SkaterTrainers?
You can use them in the driveway, in your garage, or even in your house. SkaterTrainers fit in your pocket. Take them to your favorite skate spot.

How many SkateTrainers do I get with one order?
Each order comes with a set of four SkaterTrainers, one for each wheel.

Are they durable / how long will they last?
SkaterTrainers are made from a specially selected rubber for a combination of stretch and durability. They can be used hundreds of times and won't wear out.