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Quickie Mart Skate Shop was the first store to sell SkaterTrainers.
They have been huge supporters of us from the very beginning.
You may have seen Quickie Mart Team riders in our promo videos and social media posts.

Here is Dane, Quickie Mart Skate Shop manager and team manager on how SkaterTrainers 2.0 have worked in the shop:


Check out Quickie Mart online:


Quickie Mart Skate Shop sponsors free skate lessons every Saturday.
Team riders help kids learn to skate and everyone has a great time.
If you're in the Tulsa, OK area, check out it out:


Quickie Mart also has team riders that live in Costa Rica.
The Tulsa crew frequently travels to do skate events there.


Check out Quickie Mart in Tulsa, OK.
Support your local skate shop.