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Paul Singh....Dad. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Investor. Airstreamer. 
Past: Founder  
Present: Skater! 
Thanks for checking out SkaterTrainer.
You were probably sent here by Paul on his North American Tech Tour  (#RJTECHTOUR)!


SkaterTrainer is proud to sponsor Paul's tech tour.  I met Paul on the tour and had to find a way to get involved. The tour is awesome, bringing startup and investing expertise and connections to many areas that don't receive much attention.
What better way to see the cities up close than on a skateboard....or even better, a Boosted electric skateboard.  22 mph top speed, 7 mile range, and incredible acceleration and reliability.
Here is Paul on a stop at the SkaterTrainer HQ on a ride of downtown Tulsa.

Although SkaterTrainer is about the lowest tech you can get....square wheels for skateboards....we hooked Paul up with a bunch of SkaterTrainers to work on his skateboarding and with a boosted board to cruise the streets, see the scenes, do his laundry, and meet the people.

With Paul's intense schedule on the tour, he probably does not have time to dial in his skateboard tricks, but he will have some SkaterTrainers and a skateboard for you to check out. He may even let you check out his Boosted board if you can demonstrate some basic proficiency on the SkaterTrainers.

Despite having not been on a skateboard in decades, we were able to get Paul up to speed on his board in no time. Look for him cruising the streets in your town soon!

Follow Paul! he is an exceptionally smart, fun, and insightful guy
Twitter @paulsingh
Facebook: paulsingh  
Website:  ResultsJunkies.com ...be sure to sign up for his newsletter.

If you want to check out SkaterTrainer, start here....

Want a boosted board just like Paul's? Just get one, trust me, it's the best one out there.


And don't forget the helmet! You have to stay smart, if you are going to continue to be an entrepreneur! Here is the one just like Paul's, it's my personal favorite helmet.