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August 11th, 2015
From: Roger Hansen

If you’re here because your child has asked you to buy SkaterTrainers no less than 100 times; bless your heart.

If you found the site on your own, you're about to achieve "Legendary" status.

I wanted to address a few things before you buy SkaterTrainers, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how SkaterTrainers will help your child progress in their Skateboarding.

If you’re an older skater, you know what I’m about to say is 100% true. But if you’ve never set foot on a skateboard before, it’s important you understand that

Skateboarding Is Very Difficult

Without getting technical, we’re talking about a piece of wood attached to wheels that have been engineered to GO FAST.

That’s exactly what’s so appealing to the kids when they see their first “cool kid on a skateboard”.

You already know what's going to happen, right?

Your kid finally gets the skateboard they campaigned so hard for, and BOOM! Their butt meets the concrete.

Now, there are some kids who can get on a skateboard and instantly start skating around like little daredevils.

But for everyone else, it’s a lot harder to get the balance and timing down.

Sadly, for a lot of beginners, the falling and difficulty of the learning process keeps mastery out of reach.

That’s Why I Invented SkaterTrainers

I realized that giving a beginner more control over their board while they learn balance and other controls like popping and jumping in the air not only helps learn skateboarding, but instills a great deal of confidence.

By keeping the wheels in place, your child can now get used to being on their skateboard.

They can start to experiment with the tricks, or simply work on their balance.

Kids Go NUTS When They Learn About SkaterTrainers

Actually, it’s not just kids. Anyone who’s felt the sting of repeated failure on a skateboard gets what I call “The SkaterTrainer Fever” (where they can’t wait for their set to arrive in the mail).

You might know exactly what I'm talking about if your child found us before you did.

The kids just go nuts because they can’t whip out their credit card and buy them right away.

And do you want to know the best part?   

SkaterTrainers Work REALLY Well

They still love them AFTER they get them!

Shocking isn’t it?

How many things have you bought off the Internet for your kids that turn out to be total crap?

That stuff might get played with a couple of times, but then completely forgotten about.


Well, SkaterTrainers won’t be one of those things.

Not only are they made of superior materials, the concept behind making them work is flawless.

Which is why

SkaterTrainers Come With a 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, I will take them back and refund your money without a question.

Guess what: no one has ever sent them back.

Just the opposite, really.

SkaterTrainer has over 300 5-Star reviews!

That’s a lot of reviews. 

And it’s not just the star reviews. Our fans make unsolicited videos, take pictures, and go around telling the world how much they love their SkaterTrainers.

Literally, there are videos from Australia to Norway, and Canada to Egypt.

Here's a really well done review video a 15 year old sent in just DAYS after getting SkaterTrainers:


We love our fans.

We love getting videos and pictures of kids opening their SkaterTrainer gifts.

It would be impossible to do all that if SkaterTrainers were in a Wal-mart aisle.

But, that does mean supplies are limited.

I always recommend parents buy a set NOW while you’re thinking about it, instead of the WEEK BEFORE your party or holiday.

You’ll thank me for that tip.

More Great Reasons You'll Love SkaterTrainers

Here are a few things that should answer any remaining questions you have about SkaterTrainers:

  • They fit on any skateboard. This is helpful because you don’t have to buy anything extra, AND your child can learn on their own board.

  • Installation and removal is very easy and doesn’t require any tools.

  • They’re great to use indoors because they won’t tear up your floor and the skateboard won’t go flying through your walls.

  • Every order comes with a set of 4 SkaterTrainers. One for each wheel :)

  • SkaterTrainers are made from a very durable rubber material so your skater won't wear them out in the first day.

  • We ship ANYWHERE in the world. 

Thank You For Your Trust And Your Business

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see kids who might otherwise have quit skateboarding become good at it.

Once they get past the difficult beginning, you’ll see their creativity and love for the sport shine.

Heck, YOU might even jump on the skateboard and give it a try one day.

If you have  questions, you may contact us any time.

I’ve placed an order button below you can use to purchase your set of SkaterTrainers.



Roger Hansen


PS Shipping is FREE anywhere in the US and only $7 anywhere outside the US