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About SkaterTrainers for Skateboard Parents

SkaterTrainers are a product that help kids (and adults) learn skateboard tricks.   Not only do they make progress faster, they make learning new difficult tricks easier and most importantly, SAFER. The concept of SkaterTrainers skateboard wheel trainers is simple. You practice tricks when the wheels do not roll.   This allows you to really slow things down, learn the individual steps, develop confidence, build your skateboard handling abilities, and not develop fear by falling or getting hurt.
  • SkaterTrainers skateboard wheel trainers help kids learn tricks faster and develop confidence.
  • Most tricks involve jumping and landing
  • Landing is the hardest part to master, and usually where the falls occur
  • Skatertrainers help you skip the falls by practing without the wheels rolling
  • When the wheels are not rolling, skaters can practice individual steps of the trick and slow things down to figure it out faster
  • This means less falling, less tearing up shoes, and less destroyed skate equipment.
  • This develops muscle memory and conditions the reflexes in a safer mode
  • SkaterTrainers install on any standard skateboard wheel in seconds without tools.  The can be removed even faster
  • SkaterTrainers skateboarding wheel trainers are small, portable, versatile, and flexible
  • They are also great for practicing in the garage, without the skateboard flying around and denting things.
  • Many kids quit because they are not making progress or never get the basic tricks.   SkaterTrainers will help these kids progress through the hump, condition their skills, and develop confidence
  • Great gift idea - These are the new thing!
You can order them here!
This video shows some of our pro's demonstrating their skills and talking about SkaterTrainers.   It really says alot about it.....
Thanks for being a supportive parent.   Skateboarding is great for kids, as it teaches discipline, goal setting, and a community.    
If you want to learn more, you can click here to see the product, details, and how it works