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Dear Mom/Dad:


I'm trying to get better at skateboarding but I'm having a hard time. Every time I fall it gets harder to try again. I want to learn tricks faster while being safer and improving my confidence. I want to get a set of SkaterTrainers so that I can get better but I need your help.


Here are some reasons why you should get me some SkaterTrainers:

1. Less time falling, more time learning

2. I can practice in the garage, on the porch, in the house (with permission!)

3. Shipping in the U.S. is FREE (and International shipping is inexpensive)

4. Safe, secure credit card processing through Shopify or Paypal

5. Learning faster means I will ruin less equipment

6. A sense of accomplishment


 Love, Your_name_here


If the letter doesn't work try earning $20:


  • Use $20 of your own money and mail it to us.
  • Do chores around the house for money
  • Mow a neighbor's lawn
  • Check the couch cushions
  • Mail grandma a thank you card
  • Sell lemonade
  • Offer to babysit or pet-sit
  • Get a paper route (is it 1920?!)
  • Start a car wash
  • Put on a skateboard contest and charge admission