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SkaterTrainers are the smarter way to learn skateboard flat ground tricks

Many people want to learn how to skateboard fast, but are afraid to practice even the most basic tricks. There is a smarter way to learn skateboarding tricks that can help you get tricks that you have struggled with for a very long time.   SkaterTrainers are the latest invention and are growing very fast.  The concept is simple. The wheels don't roll while you build confidence learning all of the steps of a trick. The most important part is that the wheels don't roll when you land, which is when a lot of people don't commit or fall.This allows you to do stationary skateboard tricks. Check out our video explaining and demonstrating SkaterTrainers:
Why is it better to learn tricks with SkaterTrainers?    
SkaterTrainers work beause they significantly reduce falling, build muscle memory safely, make it easy to commit to tricks because you won't fall, and allow you easily transition to rolling flat ground tricks!   
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Why are Skaters Trying to Fall?

Many skaters will tell you that you have to fall to learn or that if you don't fall, you are not skateboarding.    Does this make any sense?   Why would someone try to fall?    You are smarter than that, and that is why you are here.   We know that many Skateboarders learned by falling, but just because of "That's the way I did it" does not mean that we can not find a better way.    
The other myth is it's better to learn tricks rolling, likely because that is how they did it.   OR that you will have to relearn it again anyway, so you might as well learn it rolling.    This simply is not true.   First of all, nobody learns to ollie twice, so they don't really know if it is better to do it rolling.    Second, I have seen many skater learn tricks unbelievably fast starting with a set of SkaterTrainers, beginning from a stationary position.   It is truely remarkable how fast they can make great progress on flat ground tricks.    It is so much easier to get complicated moves like ollies and kickflips if you do it without the wheels rolling.    
SKATERTRAINERS are a better way to learn skateboard tricks!   Anybody who tells you they are not has not tried them, or already learned how to do the tricks without them.   
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Have you Tried LANDING in that Crack?

Everybody knows to put the wheels in a crack when you are first learning to ollie, but the real problem is when you try to LAND the trick...and the board slips out.   SkaterTrainers hold the board in place at the most important part of the trick, when you LAND.   This helps keep you from falling in the beginnning, and makes it 1000% easier to commit to landing the trick.    
Hard falls can limit or completely stop progress on tricks.   I have had tricks where I fell and go hurt on, and it took me a year to get the confidence to try it again.   I simply could not get over the fear.    SkaterTrainers work great because they help prevent these confidence shattering injuries....and because its easier to commit because you are not concerned with falling.
I could go on and on.    If you have any other questions about SkaterTrainers, just call me at 918-928-6437 or email me at Learn@SkaterTrainer.com   
I invented them to help me, you, and all other people learn to skateboard faster, not give up, and push through to learn the tricks they really want!    
Learn tricks faster with a set of SkaterTrainers
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