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Who Else Wants To Discover The Pro Secrets To Landing Hard Tricks Faster From the World's TOP Instructor?

 "The BEST tool to use with your SkaterTrainers... it makes learning tricks EASIER!" 

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Why Do I Need Skateboarding Made Simple?

We've found this DVD to be the closest thing to a one-on-one coach for skateboarding as possible. 

SkaterTrainers greatly improve confidence for landing skateboard tricks. Skateboarding Made Simple not only introduces skaters to the steps for mastering these tricks, but equips them with the tools to progress on their own.

Here are just a few of the lessons included:

For Ollies:

- How to get the board in the air
- How to land with the board straight
- How to get more height
- How to level the board out
- Plus more tips to land the PERFECT ollie!

For Flip Tricks:

- Where to place your feet
- How to get full rotation
- How to land with BOTH feet
- How to practice each step
- Plus tips for how to land heelflips AND kickflips!



- How to land perfect pop shove its
- How to do frontside AND backside 180s

100% Guaranteed To Help You Learn FAST!

Preview of Skateboarding Made Simple:

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Skateboarding Made Simple Review