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Thanks for checking us out. We put this page together to support our instrcutors and give you some ideas on how we have used SakterTrainers to help us teach a class.

Most important, here is how you install them:

How they Help with Instruction

  • IMPROVE CLIENT RETENTION by showing incremental results. Parents are much more willing to come back if they can see progress every week. This is sometimes very hard to show with some kids.
  • Great for the basic beginners, young and old
  • Awesome for tuning in the ollie, and fixing chicken foot issues with shoves and kickflips.
  • Adults trying to get into Skating LOVE us because of the blocks and fears they are trying to overcome.
  • You can actually show progress faster with these, and keep the kids excited about the results and let the parents see progress.....Retain more clients.and you get more lessons
  • Reduce falls that could cut the lesson short or make it difficult. Once a kid takes a hard fall doing something you "told" him to do, the trust can disappear for a while.
  • Great way to manage multiple person lessons = Increase your profit margin
  • Running cliques - camps - Special Events. Managing a crowd.
  • Teach adults to Skateboard / do special events
  • Get the parents involved with the kids Teach mom something even if it is just basic.
  • Opens up skateboarding to a younger audience, and helps them work on their coordination
  • Helps the kids focus on the trick, instead of getting distracted and riding around, doing what they already know how to do.

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