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We love to play Skate and Tony Hawk.    What's more fun is learning Skateboard tricks for REAL on a REAL skateboard.   Nothing feels better than landing that first ollie, getting that first kickflip, or getting your ollie high enough to clear obstacles!

SkaterTrainers can help YOU learn new tricks on YOUR real skateboard!

Maybe you have tried before or just can't make yourself progress to that next trick.   Maybe you have fallen to much or are worried about getting hurt.

Maybe you just can't commit to landing that ollie or kickflip no matter how hard you try.   Whatever the reason, you we can help give you the confidence to not only learn the tricks you want, but to get them so much faster.    


Checkout the demonstration Video to show you how SkaterTrainers work and how they can help you learn tricks faster.


SkaterTrainers can help anyone learn new tricks in skateboarding.    They are particularlly great for the beginner trying to get the timing of is ollie down, trying to get longer manuals, trying to learn switch tricks, or commiting to landing the kickflip with BOTH feet.    


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