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Learn Tricks FAST on YOUR Skateboard 

Use Anywhere, Inside or Outdoors

We guarantee you will Learn Tricks Faster.  Impress your friends.  More importantly, impress yourself.   Our satisfied customers learn skateboard tricks faster.  They do new skateboard tricks everyday they use their SkaterTrainer.   We help skaters learn to ollie, extend manuals, land kickflips, pop their shoveits, and so much more with our easy to use gadget.



"SkaterTrainers are brilliant, easy to use, and every new skater should get a pair!”

Review and testimonial from Steve Cave - About.com Skateboarding Editor and Learning to Skateboard Expert!  ....... “I don't get why no one thought of them before now!".........."“SkaterTrainers are a great invention, and I'd definitely recommend them for any new skater, or any skater who wants to practice tricks without their board rolling!"


Our riders love their SkaterTrainers.    

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Install on Your Skateboard Wheels

It feels just like your Skateboard because it is your skateboard.   They fit all standard sized wheels.


Fast and Simple, Installs in Seconds

Easy to install and remove by simply stretching over the 4 wheels of your skateboard.  



Start Learning Tricks NOW!

Progress through your tricks faster by getting a set today.  

We guarantee they will help YOU learn fast and get over issues on so many tricks.

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