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Thank you for participating in our special program.    The motivation for the film is to show what SkaterTrainers are and convince other skaters that they are helpful.  We look forward to getting a video from you:
  • You must mention SkaterTrainer.com in the video
  • The SkaterTrainers must be visible in the video
  • You must comment on why you like SkaterTrainers
  • The first line of the description must have a link to www.SkaterTrainer.com
  • Video must be at least 20 seconds and something you want to keep posted
  • If you don't want to post to your youtube channel, you can send me the video file via drop box, and I will post directly to my channel.
That's it!   You can get another set if you have already wore yours out or get a set to give to your freinds.   
Thank you for helping us out!  Please contact us if you have questions.