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 Why SkaterTrainers

  • They are small and fit on any shelf or counter
  • Parents love them
  • They make a great inexpensive gift
  • They are easy to sell with completes, especially for beginners
  • Kids love to use them to learn tricks, they really work
SkaterTrainers Are Big News
SkaterTrainers have exploded onto the scene in the past year.
Demo set
Your first order comes with a free extra set for you to put on a demo board. This set is not to be sold. We have found the best way to sell SkaterTrainers is to show them in action. Keep the board on your counter or on a rack nearby. The best option is to keep the board on the ground somewhere customers can try it out themselves or ask your staff for a demo.
Because SkaterTrainers are new, some of your customers might not understand what they are for simply by looking at the package sitting on a shelf or rack. The demo set is crucial for showing new customers how they work and will result in a lot more sales.
Get more kids into Skateboarding
Skater trainers get more kids into skateboarding, and keep them engaged. This means they are more likely to stick with it and buy more stuff from your shop. More skateboarders = more shop sales.