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SkaterTrainer Unique and Awesome Limited Time Products and Experiences

We are near winning a nationwide build a business competition where the winner gets extremely valuable free publicity and a mentor-ship from MARK CUBAN.   Wow!!!

SkaterTrainer is a product I (Roger) invented, designed, patented, marketed and created.  I used to skateboard all the time as a teen, then started messing around with one a couple of years ago. At some point, the idea for SkaterTrainers occurred to me. I was already looking for a development project, blah blah blah (ask if you want details).

Anyway, SkaterTrainer is a product that makes it easier to learn Skateboard tricks Faster. We are selling worldwide.  Watch the video and you should know about it.

We are a contender in the Shopify build a business competition. Its huge, Mark Cuban is the advisor. Winners get tons of free publicity. Previous winners like Goldie Blocks went big. There is huge upside here as well and a win would speed it up. This is just me, this is not some typical "startup" or incubator thing.

The winner of the competition is based on Gross Sales and we are behind but a legitimate contender . The contest ends May 31. We are accelerating daily, but I don't know if it will be enough. I have attached a link to some special product offerings to check out. These are sort of like the Kickstarter rewards programs intended to generate short term revenue. If you are interested in my success, know someone who rides or might ride a something by the end of the month!

I will keep you posted on how it goes! I will be adding new offerings daily

We created these products to increase our sales, offer unique value and experience to our customers and friends.   

The contest is over the End of May.  These offers will be over as well.




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